smiles should be pawned for bullet

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face feels like its been dragged down a road
fugged up to only be forgotten
after birth
post rehearsal
year after year after queers
these systems collide
into similar refrains
into shrouds
covering the uselesness of it all
doing what i do
no matter what
life goes regardless
these are the settlements we have been dealt

for no one



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love of the god/love of the dollar
greenbacked sentinals
storming deserted manhattans
for dinosaur shit
decreasing the moonlight
across unbordered lands
banging the drugs
banging the drums
flame fueled frustrations
racist fractions stacking the corpses
racist factions oligarching the universe
perverse incitements
without indictments
badged bullshit badgering the unwanted classes
like splashing pedestrians with warm shit
on a humid summers day in ferguson
bullets in kindergarten heads
their crayola souls fizzing
into the atmosphere
like broken baloons
as we drown like baffoons
on our coasts
war torn shirts
wading in these
plebian seas
courteous fashion
in an increasingly uncourteous world
filled with 60 second love affairs
we ejaculate griping retards
born to demand and expect
sew your muffs shut and cut off yer balls
lets end this shit show now

-undated 2015-

Abyssinia (or I’ll Be Seein

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there was never any faith to destroy
from within me
druidic fluids
slicing the slants from desperate visions
that still beckon you to your closets
(hidden shrouds of comfort fooling you)
setting fires to your plastickidthoughts
choking your lazy sisters with the fumes
from within me
these hazy a-to-zees that forget which side
of the street to walk on
fucked up neighborhoods give way to candy lands
of priestly memorabilia
let’s make new memories from hacked nightmares
faithing your exits from all these nothings
you were never a part of this world
only caught by a bear trap and devoured
by toothless djinns that live in my teardrops
now forever dried in your desert exorcisms
and now I sing your songs
forcefed handmedowns from a time now deceased
scribbled verse
low rise languages drowning in the clouds
of martian maritime mississippi dawns
from within me a growl does rise
acting out in fear of dying without ever being afraid
of never loving you again
-may 2013-


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A wicked path
To whiskey a dream
And paranoia busses
You into the city
Of knifely fears
Blue circle redemptions
Mechanical flattery
Instead of the frozen pizza
Perhaps I should use my head
Flailing humanities
These trite words we poets write
Animals fighting over prepositions
Such false treatises
A gaff and a half
These fucked thoughts
As our lives play out
Actively insulting
The pure remaining songs
Of deadend youths.
-5 July 13-

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Fraudulent starts
Refreshed parts
Thicker skin
Than we possess
The nothing
That skims the horizon
That skins the goodbyes
The replies
Are meaningless
Through the reading glass
We observe
The wankery of our lives
Harbingers of mediocrity
We’ve slowly become
City suns sleep still
Under each nightly pill
We wasted so many night
Broiled by the inept
And slaughtered
By the weak nosed shits
Burrowing through life
Like nothing ever happened
We’ve grafted our hearts
Soldered out sex
And debauched our lungs
With these fiery tongues
Longing for something
Other than a toothbrush.

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grasped for air
and walked the dog far twice
before we dined on burger meats
conversations that convert the retarded
into the rich
living off the fat of the mind
living off the side of the street
where roaches creep
beneath mine feet at 1230amcdt
beer head tonight
lost in my anxiety
this ain’t nothin new
just look at every other poem
from now and 10 years beyond
cat and mouse with solitary
i jus wunna play jesse james
with my friends
in dark caves
this i crave


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syncophantic laughter
thus emoted:
like triangles
of paper
4th grade
pink lemonade
jack buck
parents still fucked
(within dead languages)
these childhood
bolgna sandwiches
between birds
and clocks
telling time
to pretend
youre not doing time
dads doing lines
in back seats
of used ford tempos
with slick haired
secretaries of infidelities
retarding further romance
this swilled water
down toilet
with tobacc
a dashed litany
wishwashed away
like pediatric dreams

june 2013