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good nature, you fail me (and i despise that album)

Posted in guilt in the serenity on August 2, 2008 by tony saputo

there is a worm in my side
i have stabbed the entry point and veraciously attempted to save us all
alas we forget when charity can be in vein and fighting for goodwill can be a laughing matter

all i can think about is the knife
about why did we not meet before
about the purpose and meaning
the collections of tears anguishing over my own sorrows
how can i save anyone, anymore?

how can i speak with a tongue that can live in mystery
or version myself the wayne manor of another reality
connecting myself to an non-empathetic stance
what the fuck is my problem? 
why do i think i am so different? 

foolish paths of simple men has brought this world into the cross-hairs of a smoking gun
and a fatal posture
the next years will be the coming of mediocrity and closed mouths
agape my soul and being
i will never hold back again 
i cannot let go of this conscience