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Hugo Never Waited

Posted in foreshadowing on December 11, 2008 by thirdcircuit

Something about a sub-stage. Like exists in a theatre, and always has, and that I’ve never heard of because theatre makes me kind of sick. And it is here that ideas are born of disinterested fathers. Imagine a city street where people come and go and they’re all on their way to something. They’ve all put some thought into how they will carry themselves today and what kind of shoes they will wear and whether or not to wear a jacket (a decision based on anything but practicality). And just below their carefully chosen shoes, beneath the dust, the concrete, the packed earth and worms, is a series of tunnels that has dictated their every action without them knowing it. Tunnels full of treasures. And most of them are scary. You wouldn’t approach them. Beneath the church (now converted into a night-club) is a catacomb where the first mass took place. And beneath the library (now converted into a multi-entertainment-plex) is a burnt out candle and a guy who wrote himself blind and has forgotten his name. Under all that dirt there is never a breeze. Here’s where ghosts of the past and embryos of the future wander and wait. It’s not our fault that the surface is flat and windy, and that whatever ideas have in the past seeped through the cracks (spurred on by seismic pressure and sheer need of light) have blown away and evaporated. It’s just getting windier, and all we can do is tighten our collars and try to not be swept away ourselves. In the face of parking-tickets, tax-time, car-repairs and picking up the slack of the perpetually lazy and top-heavy, we’re not gonna notice grey stone buildings ’til they’ve fallen. “Finally.” “The only thing that stays the same is change.” I bet it was a sniveling blogger came up with that one.