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Posted in guilt in the serenity, heartbreak, paranoia, this living is less than loving, what the hell is wrong with me? on August 26, 2009 by tony saputo

let out that sigh
accept it is not what we dreamed
because it is worth so much more

please realize me
all i ever wanted
was the iris that could never ask for anything else


….only bride to turpentine

Posted in Uncategorized on August 25, 2009 by matt questionmark

she built her birth
through triumphant passages
a thirst
soulable to quit the hit
fake the remorse
package the surrender
fer everyone to sea
and the wind pushes
her craft
to places
by male-inertia
her voice
mugged by forgotten
in positions
caligula would
his cock
she branched her trees
cupped her breasts
and let it out
fleecing the humanity beneath her
mighty sight
setting the sun
raising the moon
to red colors unbeknownst
to human eyyyye
her fingers slit the sand
and her toes graze
the pastures of deaded afrika
and feeding wine-grapes
to hard-armed messengers
from the caucuses
they inturn
into twine
and pose
her nude
for her
husbands to see.
she was the curse
she was the….


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” they love to sell us short,” said the dark ashen figure through frowned cracked crusty lips
the face wore the scars of fifty years in hatred
and his eyes carried the gleam of feeling it

the words he spoke were strong and hard, touched with the rasp of knowing his streets
very much like his exterior
but you knew he too could be a lover

i replied with a weird chuckle and said nothing
and as my head signaled an odd and slow negative
images of the fights he and i will both face soared throughout the room

his smiles carried the tones of alligators
while glaring like a hawk
i hope they know they will never take us alive

the costly thing about glory is this
you may be winning but it can be so fucking hard
you forget and you see demons and hell tearing away everything you have

but remember when you tear through all the wreckage
face burnt and hands bleeding, gripping your sides in agony
all that matters is you are the last one standing

and every wound that heals into another scar
is just the way the world will know
you really were something

broken jaw

Posted in butterflies envy this, glory in the overlooked, is it really real?, lost in these purposes and collecting ours on August 24, 2009 by tony saputo

a moment, and i snap my jaw into place, then out
jagged edges form, calling my name,
telling me they want me but will not love
showing me the next step
for some it is the millionth, others-trillionth

the world runs loose, untied, unforgiving
swearing all of us to her rusty womb
searing her name upon my longing soul
being sure to show me no regret or hesitation
she puts me to sleep and i fuddle through the collision

wake in pools of explosion, wildfire, and ever standing guilt
you will wish for shit and piss, i promise.
instead, the ears ring, singing of a mistaken mortality
harmonizing calamity with survival
the surreal overtones molto crescendo from an underwhelming reality

the glass breaks, liquids and smoke present my ignorance
waking upon the realization of what i was so close to
the life lost, the lives lost…. of whom were loved?
of whom did i love? of what did i fill it with?
all these questions, even after the matter,

you can cross the line, and bend all the edges you want; even then, you may still remain without an answer…
today i taught myself how to blow up this world
tomorrow i teach myself how to put it back together
chaos in order in chaos in order in chaos in order.

3 more haikus

Posted in Uncategorized on August 11, 2009 by matt questionmark

sun on wet hands now
glow like pee dripping slowly
this rhymes with “my god”

reaching like crows do
using claw stick to poke tree
knifes my lisp on fire

his warm face etched skin
mirrored by the right red heart
his hair was brown then

the minute hands do not move

Posted in guilt in the serenity, is it really real?, lost in these purposes and collecting ours, Uncategorized on August 10, 2009 by tony saputo

sickened to the stomach
raw to the core
anticipating everything that will come my way
trying to forget everything that left me behind
i went to hell last night
besides the clocks, it was all pretty much the same here


Posted in exploding heart on August 7, 2009 by tony saputo

safe-havened, taken away from the chaos
so simple to use these the windows as cloudy spectacles
peering upon the world and my city
as the holistic tumultuous home of evil

what is good and what is her opposite?
where do i belong inside the intercourse of the two?
who is giving or receiving?
who am i, really?

there are times when our vision is obscured
lost inside our own tumults
propositioned between the two whores of consciousness
living as a parasite, burrowing, taking all it can and will

therefore, who am i, really?
the salt of the earth lost inside a world?
a perception that chases tales and adventures?
a hopeless hopeful or the small town drunkard?

if the days are numbered, i could start pulling tabs
just give me the right night to set the world ablaze before i go
allowing me to look back and know
who all my loves really were…

time is a funny thing when she loves to slip away
what a bitch…