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o! damaged thought process
chaining me to slaughtered cities
impoverished by indifference
pummeled by pestilence
annoyed by aneurisms
this hilarity is too much for me to bare
this hilarity
this fucking joke of an existence
i’m just waiting for my face to be slammed into the mirror
blood and flaws
cowering in slushy STL streets
constantly surrounded by what was and what won’t
hoping no one will look
hoping no one will make eye contact
out of fear that i might have to acknowledge
the icy deafness that surrounds me
and speak.


love notes

Posted in does anyone even know what love is?, exploding heart, glory in the overlooked, guilt in the serenity, heartbreak on February 15, 2010 by tony saputo

in every word i lost more
shaved off a bit of the ol’ soul
delivered it to you in the rotten paper box
told you of my love and swallowed my pride
held you up to a light and saw no imperfections
defined you as perfect and used you as the looking glass
measured and weighed the world through your beauty
destroyed myself through your hijinks
shook down, scared, along with the glorious wonder
questioned every sentence
analyzed every moment
left empty handed where love used to be
noted you as oblivious
noted you as wanted
noted myself as the shortcoming

other places to visit

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here’s a few links to a couple of other blogs.
these guys are a part of the greater struggle.

here’s a link to brett underwood’s blog:

and here’s a link to a blog where a few awesome writers i know, jacob cohen and sean arnold, contribute to:


alice coltrane

Posted in this living is less than loving on February 12, 2010 by matt questionmark

slipping on ice
with blood rush
head collapses
sun rises
waking birds
light passes over trees
spreading slight heat
like herpes
body melts
into blacktop
damp jeans remain
a somber refrain
birds shit on wet grass
singing wildly
for forgiveness
off to the west
sirens wail
down manchester
the birds don’t care
the sun doesn’t care
the wet jeans don’t care
it only hurts the air
all of this repeats
like a cd track scratch
flaunting its blissful ignorance.

life first, everything after

Posted in guilt in the serenity, heartbreak, is it really real? on February 1, 2010 by tony saputo

it is all the worse things that keep us beating
the wonderful marches and gallant tries
the corrosion of our substance and the over looking of all we could live for

the long good byes
all there was when it started was life
ever since, i have been trying to fight past everything else

it is in all of our funny indulgences where lose what it is that we really love.