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good man, he is

Posted in lost in these purposes and collecting ours on March 12, 2010 by tony saputo

elder and collapsable
flailing from minute to hour to day to month to another god damn year
scaling back to every heartbeat
moments in glances
a quick sliver of the chance
gaining myself in you
looking for the better days ahead
losing our friends a day at a time
as we misplace our time at days in rows
the fails
the failsafe
leaving us all so alone
yeah, i know there is a world spinning pretty hard out there
but i am staying right here for now

seriously, FUCK Corey Haim, the world lost a way better man…
i see you in our friends, JW.


Posted in Uncategorized on March 11, 2010 by matt questionmark

so they have money
will it be spent wisely now
nickel and dime me

Shapeshifter part 1

Posted in Uncategorized on March 9, 2010 by jigsaw rhetoric

Cancelling out my existence
Probing the eyes of God with my fingertips
As I swallow the sulphur tears of angels ablaze
My face has changed
I’m tying the knot around her thigh
While explaining how sour souls wear a disguise
She tells me not to touch her
But she screams when I fuck her
Black lipstick
Broken teeth
Slowly fingered
Under sheets
The world is watching
The world is watching through my eyes

a slow march

Posted in Uncategorized on March 7, 2010 by matt questionmark

veiny ignorance stampedes through the door
so i yell out expletives to fall
on a pillow
fabric softener
pouring out from my ass
(i’m so calm)
red clouds of smothering indifference
pulling my strings
making me regret and never forget
how awful humans can sound
i want my ears to bleed
i want my insomnia to secede
pale mirrored existence
to something that cannot feed
scrape my hands across rotted livers
hardened by winter’s whimpers
this is not a good kind of love for you
sunshines and smiles are hidden along secret gutters
where our bodies are not permitted to roam
so i throw my corpse down the narrow stairs
hoping my end will bring you rainbows and flowers
that bees will devour
creating a lovely future
for your perpetual repeats of ignorance

insomniac luvs

Posted in what the hell is wrong with me?, what the hell is wrong with us, whore-to-culture on March 6, 2010 by tony saputo

what is it called when you cannot stop from laughing???
when you see the punchline before the joke is spoken?
what is it?

i rescued a woman from the bruises of her love
shouldered the tears of a dying affection
caressed a soul of compassionate need
lived for someone besides my ownself
each and everytime the joke was on me

the bruises, filled in by her words and actions, drawn the line straight to indulgence
the shoulder so easily forgotten when new affections spring, and raindrops of whisky and vodka seam down her windows
and the soul to caress, the soul i could live for, forgot me long ago

dreamed myself as a fool for so long
not recieving the message, not placing the focus on all the right parts…
you see, the world is an evil and dirty harlot, and she wants to remind you of these dark passages from time to time…
she loves it… as the lady loves the fist. as the corridor slams volumes of acceptance, as the confusion arises….

she loves to be beaten and loves to beat back even more….

when a man tries to uncover the path of unconditional love, nevertheless the very existence of such a paramour, this earth will rise against him and threaten every inch of his being, to prove he will do what it is he needs to…

and time to time, we fail
dreaming of the better ways
hoping for the window from our inferno
kidding the world; kidding ourselves

in the mirror, i would rather be called insane -than ignorant.

Posted in experiencing sunshine on a grey day on March 2, 2010 by matt questionmark

stoney sunday patterns
walking with architecture
saluting wolfs and coyotes
in s. city dwellings
heart racing for words
silly movements
covering up the fear
of looking in your face
wanting to punch the smoke
right out of of dodge
this slight experiment
will make me wish for
your safe return
from empty western roads
i’ll be here
floating through old buildings
coal dust insulation
exhaled through a rotten cough
settling in crevices
waiting for you to give
my cancer another try.