insomniac luvs

what is it called when you cannot stop from laughing???
when you see the punchline before the joke is spoken?
what is it?

i rescued a woman from the bruises of her love
shouldered the tears of a dying affection
caressed a soul of compassionate need
lived for someone besides my ownself
each and everytime the joke was on me

the bruises, filled in by her words and actions, drawn the line straight to indulgence
the shoulder so easily forgotten when new affections spring, and raindrops of whisky and vodka seam down her windows
and the soul to caress, the soul i could live for, forgot me long ago

dreamed myself as a fool for so long
not recieving the message, not placing the focus on all the right parts…
you see, the world is an evil and dirty harlot, and she wants to remind you of these dark passages from time to time…
she loves it… as the lady loves the fist. as the corridor slams volumes of acceptance, as the confusion arises….

she loves to be beaten and loves to beat back even more….

when a man tries to uncover the path of unconditional love, nevertheless the very existence of such a paramour, this earth will rise against him and threaten every inch of his being, to prove he will do what it is he needs to…

and time to time, we fail
dreaming of the better ways
hoping for the window from our inferno
kidding the world; kidding ourselves

in the mirror, i would rather be called insane -than ignorant.


3 Responses to “insomniac luvs”

  1. matt questionmark Says:

    amazingly perfect.

  2. tony saputo Says:

    i know you are but what am i????

  3. Hey Matt Questionmark. I met you at Hibearnation. Just wanted to say hello.

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