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Posted in whore-to-culture on July 15, 2011 by tony saputo

quickening i fall short
sail through roots, embers, and the forgotten leaves
turn to mud scrape nails into earth
and come back out with the blood on my hands

i drink, eat, and shit evil everywhere
where have i come from?
where am i headed ?
all this just to bleed and spit bile for a few days
destroy me


where shelters fail

Posted in is it really real?, paranoia, what day is it on July 7, 2011 by matt questionmark

Where shelters fail
Your wars prevail
Rooftops and bottlecaps
Against heavy foggy dogs
Their teeth like sand in your water
Their breath watered down for pure percussion
Of the under currents
Of the slander
Of those great soft eyes
Tall drinking walker
From a place of palaces
And fear
The stones of forefathers
Reaping from the raped
But you stand by quietly
But you stand
In pigshit
In the juice of a thousand cunts
Infected by bee stings and soaring stupidity
Sick steam rises from the awful menstrual troff
Appeasing the sneezing
Slinging the the skeez
Across a gentle humid breeze