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Posted in Uncategorized on February 27, 2012 by matt questionmark

sun shines in thine eyes
blood runnin deep
in these fair waters
soft shadowed singularity
world rages
flames threaten wilted purity
nouns flounder
adjectives assasinate themselves
)soft blood waters down(
soft rememberence
salted wounds
)take your deep breaths
we share the same meat(
faked our deaths for each other
with playlists
songs of half centuries
songs for every grey hair on my head
these ages i’ve lived
#these sages i’ve killed#
sorted their hard remains
filtering these shabby clouds
to shine a new light
on my own forthcoming apocalypses



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Where is your balance
On frogged skates
On flogged romancing
The replacing of each stone
In the wall of our common heart

Breached by hearty wounds
Braced upon bathroom doors
Scars of hate
Brought on by pure misunderstanding

Sunsets are for sharing
In this world of dust and pain
Inhaling the sadness every hour

The faces of the past flicking the flames
Forgotten tastes from fucked nights

Living your old years in the tears of a new sun

2/6-7/12 for Anthony

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devil blood in gullet
not as fast as a bullet
screams of pain
in pills
or pillows
falling in to bed
scraping eyelids open
reaching for flatulent hearts
covered in cat hair
and remorse
smokey sundowns give certain smiles
piled and infantiled
by fairweathered cunts
stuck in 3 chord operas
wasping the discourse
making the words meaningless
begging for the corruption of your saints
the hyphens
from green hymens
birthing the fickle tar from the back of they throats
spitting the difference
for what is was never worth.
2/3/12 for b hoffman