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cuntry grammaw

Posted in Uncategorized on May 27, 2012 by matt questionmark

Such wiggers we’ve become

Under starless STL nights

Holy of holies

Under red/orange depressions

Melting in western eyes

Reparations parodied

Under pink snow capped assholes

Tickled by your mommy’s cocaine

Sovereign porches hibernate

Against Wisconsin winds

Dug deep by the un-festered

Cocks full of hyperbole

Such sallies we’ve become

Limp wristed while resisting arrest

Lisping the Koran into Satanic passages

The past is such a disaster

The future full of sick smiles

Mocking tones

And gay black zombies

We feed on the every second

And forget who we used to be

Eyes fogged by the mental plaque

Technological cholesterol

Clogging the arteries of conversation

Clogging the resistance to free market faggotry

5-12     for np