Abyssinia (or I’ll Be Seein

there was never any faith to destroy
from within me
druidic fluids
slicing the slants from desperate visions
that still beckon you to your closets
(hidden shrouds of comfort fooling you)
setting fires to your plastickidthoughts
choking your lazy sisters with the fumes
from within me
these hazy a-to-zees that forget which side
of the street to walk on
fucked up neighborhoods give way to candy lands
of priestly memorabilia
let’s make new memories from hacked nightmares
faithing your exits from all these nothings
you were never a part of this world
only caught by a bear trap and devoured
by toothless djinns that live in my teardrops
now forever dried in your desert exorcisms
and now I sing your songs
forcefed handmedowns from a time now deceased
scribbled verse
low rise languages drowning in the clouds
of martian maritime mississippi dawns
from within me a growl does rise
acting out in fear of dying without ever being afraid
of never loving you again
-may 2013-

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