love of the god/love of the dollar
greenbacked sentinals
storming deserted manhattans
for dinosaur shit
decreasing the moonlight
across unbordered lands
banging the drugs
banging the drums
flame fueled frustrations
racist fractions stacking the corpses
racist factions oligarching the universe
perverse incitements
without indictments
badged bullshit badgering the unwanted classes
like splashing pedestrians with warm shit
on a humid summers day in ferguson
bullets in kindergarten heads
their crayola souls fizzing
into the atmosphere
like broken baloons
as we drown like baffoons
on our coasts
war torn shirts
wading in these
plebian seas
courteous fashion
in an increasingly uncourteous world
filled with 60 second love affairs
we ejaculate griping retards
born to demand and expect
sew your muffs shut and cut off yer balls
lets end this shit show now

-undated 2015-


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