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Posted in Uncategorized on June 23, 2016 by matt questionmark

arabs in spain
in the dead air of peoria
or baltimore orioles
that fade across the chesapeake fissure
that rots like teeth from potosimethsexaddict
credits roll like bitches on molly
crotching all auras through red lights on washington ave
they have their labias ready for chumpy yellow labs
thrusting their seed through the pockets of their true religion/
suffering souls
and they dont know it
but their farts are killing the ozone/
fucking snocones
juicing the pimps
plagurizing pussies from portland, panama, and poghkeepsie
bottom bitches all over these hillsides, plains, and valleys
all wishing for palatial preferences that hollow watered hearts
draining the secrets of sad youth
draining the pus from they minds
draining the shit from they moufs
pathetic voices
no more
my brains hit the floor
smithandwesson taught me a lesson/


For Jay

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nodding off on the #30 bus
1030 am sun glints through windows
sun shines through brisk air
across tower grove park
waking with a shake
to see the blue seats abandoned
to see the emptiness of the park
to see the white lovers walk in lust

nodding off on the #30 bus
1003 pm reflections of the passengers on the window
men talking to women about cleaning bathrooms
my mind talking with me
about mi amor
he held hostage in hidaldo county
i don’t see my refection or headlights
i see his black eyes flooding the plains of my withered brain

nodding out in my chair
who the fuck knows when
i can’t ever tell what time it is in my room anyway
dawn dusk/perpetual grey/an incidental slay
hearts race for cold sheets
desiring a sleep hug
he drifts under red lights
as we read our words of love to one another

bury my face in your neck
bury my mental lashes
hastags of social hostility
bring me the sunshine from your heart
show what it feels like to hold hands
and truly dissolve into a single aura of truth and love
a fucked desire to become the mist on a mountain
and evaporate into the sunsets of pure harmony together
for i’ve never had a taste of these things i speak

have you?

8-14/25-15 for jay ulysses sanchez

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i got real drunk the day beefheart died
immursed in poopyseed lemondrop madness
like christian defense funds
like poltergeist widows
sickly throated songs
wormholes of adolescent insanity
crazed wisdom toothing the log
slicked / frothed
throated backwards wishing
some solid salutations
to the nothing winds
blowing pollen across the park
to the nostrils of small dogs in shaw
frenching against cockroach breeding lairs
no one cares about the scrapes across 44
by the deathcoptors above
haunting the sleek hawks of botanical fascination
these weezers sucking the fantasy of deafness
sleazey whispers with wine and twine
sadistic prepositions open with ovens
in plastic of course
with hoarse voice yellings above it all
this is when it all ends
weedcookies telling romances of triple x distortion
like solar orange rays of campy sunsets
discoloring your instaeyedphonegoggles
lost forever
in these silly-con-carnal-deceptions

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70s to 90s
a swift digestion
regretfull digressions
spreading the wings so thin
whitewashed with wind
so quick we forget
the taunting tongues
blistered with bullshit

the sad shrouds of 2014
fucking my head clear
fucking my liver
the exstacy of a slow death
watching everything go
from color to b&w

living in a bright box
surrounded by screaming babies
and breaking dishes
dead pets and humans yelling
to be never forgotten
crushed heart draggin broken legs
like fork across empty plate
forcing my all teeth to fall out

)we love our audience(


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this death effect is strange
we know it happens
yet get so distraught
this human condition
the yearning
the mourning
the desire to be held by another
the sadness

walking to our deaths
with books open
headphones in
skinless chickens
romancing the best
we beer drink our lust
and discuss roky erikson
those liquor store days
lost now
one by one
the champions of my youth disappear

)o death
o death
why nearest now
in between youth and middle age(



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Fragile pacts tatter
With shitty farts
From corrupt lard mouths
Land lording sandpaper
Huts hilling over mined land
Sinking slowly
Shafting themselves silly
These sneaky fuckers
With their educated money
And free range tb
Escaping on empty in electric
Dildos buttfucking their
Way to buy a bag of legal
Weed in fucking Colorado
Pacts tatter with no pitter
Or patter of words to you
Or yours with shitty farts
To choke on as you
Get fucked by wiggers
Under your xmas tree.


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wincing from the wet lake effect snow/wind
we crawl across coke filled streets
past the drunken wrecks
past the lost fouls
adorned in burberrybossbullshit
we scavenge for lost literature
in the snow filled cracks of reality
lost paragraphs emaciating
with the lack of being looked upon
we scavenge for pizza surrounded by mexicans
adrift in this snowfilth two tabs each
alone in this static and traffic
splicing the thoughts
fucking sentences like wind eats our ears
wandering upon a movie set
and crashing the coffee stand
into hidden staircases surrounded by actors
surrounded by the sudden warmth
of college faggotry
knees capped by roller skates
sliding down dormitory hallways
raping the sleep of 73 students
and attempting to marry each one
awaking underneath a living room table
scraping the drugs away from my eyes
the words written in black before my face: this too shall pass.