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truth talks

Posted in advice, advise on July 12, 2009 by tony saputo

my grandfather once stated,”never date girls you meet at bars; there is always something wrong with them. But you can fuck them, just don’t date them.”

how do you tell a sixty-five year old man that you do not fuck because it is bad for the soul?


a few hours will blow anything apart

Posted in advice, foreshadowing on March 7, 2009 by tony saputo

a lot can happen when it really needs to
jupiter turning over his hand covering the mouth that brought us all
a titan yawning
can make everything change in an instant

do not forget
everything we are
everything we see
everything we love
everything outwards from all of us
is still in our hands

the view
the purpose
the outcome
do not let these things control the grip of our palms’ reality

fear or love
what is the choice?

this is the morning where we woke up in love and fantasized about the suburbs

Posted in advice, does anyone even know what love is?, glory in the overlooked, is it really real? on January 25, 2009 by tony saputo

and this is the morning where everything exploded
we woke from our hapless, untouchable dreams
to yawn in the glory of it all
the sensation of the falling leaves turned upside down
drifting upward forever
the forgetting of the branches and trunks that rooted us solid
the ideas of a free world, free love, free lives, and freedom stopped being reasoned and started being felt

it is odd the shit has to be taught
if Grassley knew a thing or two i am sure he would agree.

on the other side of town there is a woman waking up in a few hours
who says she is the most free of us all
but the pulse is weaning on that lifeline
the lifeline she can never come to answer
the renditions of an arrested development sworn by my heart and eyes
and all i have ever felt and wept through
has been instilled for all my years
i was born with an exploding heart
and soured by an impending distrust
the pulse is beating on the lifeline
and the rest of the world cannot come to answer
meanwhile, we are rising in air and currents
weeping in utter joy,”no one save us, we have saved ourselves.”

and one day that woman, these children of fermentation and dark alleys, the clock on the wall, my sorrows will have realized their purposes and importance
these will answer this line, cold, limp, and weathered.
only to hear no calling or answer, but the silence will tell them it has been too late

i would easily sacrifice this life for anything good and true
why am i still here…why are you so hard to find
as my hands encased in the lines and wires of holding on and evolution
let me expire in this passion, just so i could die for something i believe in
just so i could die for us all

call me horrible, but i am fucking alive
and at least i am fucking trying…


Posted in advice on November 15, 2008 by tony saputo

let go