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a party with no make-up

Posted in experiencing sunshine on a grey day, playing with matches and pissin' the bed, Uncategorized on April 9, 2010 by matt questionmark

yer crystal eyes sleepy perpetual
summer slouch upon yer head
wheat like disasters
sifted through sand
and i want to hide
from these lazy words
uttered from a veil of lies
capturing me
knocking me down
and the wind dies
casting goodbyes upon april sidewalks
pissing on tennessee williams
and you fucking exhale
that still clusterfuck me three hours later
winding up my spine
green smoke now
reveals a party with no make-up
anxiety wakes me up
wanting to wrap my plastic around your heart
bring you back down


Posted in experiencing sunshine on a grey day on March 2, 2010 by matt questionmark

stoney sunday patterns
walking with architecture
saluting wolfs and coyotes
in s. city dwellings
heart racing for words
silly movements
covering up the fear
of looking in your face
wanting to punch the smoke
right out of of dodge
this slight experiment
will make me wish for
your safe return
from empty western roads
i’ll be here
floating through old buildings
coal dust insulation
exhaled through a rotten cough
settling in crevices
waiting for you to give
my cancer another try.