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Haiku for Nico

Posted in exploding heart, funny noises, is it really real? on June 28, 2011 by matt questionmark

This new nothingness
Filibusters soft voices
Releasing my growl


fit me out

Posted in exploding heart, Uncategorized, what the hell is wrong with us on May 27, 2010 by tony saputo

forthright, it is the callous worn around our very hearts that wear me down
the selfish calypso collapsing on the rhythm and beats of the bourgeoisie
the liquor dripping from the teeth of the fake smiles
the absorbency of a self righteous demeanor
the want of it all

laugh away your cares
dilute your Julius disasters
consume yourselves away
away from me

we are all fitting in, making plans, setting it all up
but damn it to hell, i sure like being the missing piece

love notes

Posted in does anyone even know what love is?, exploding heart, glory in the overlooked, guilt in the serenity, heartbreak on February 15, 2010 by tony saputo

in every word i lost more
shaved off a bit of the ol’ soul
delivered it to you in the rotten paper box
told you of my love and swallowed my pride
held you up to a light and saw no imperfections
defined you as perfect and used you as the looking glass
measured and weighed the world through your beauty
destroyed myself through your hijinks
shook down, scared, along with the glorious wonder
questioned every sentence
analyzed every moment
left empty handed where love used to be
noted you as oblivious
noted you as wanted
noted myself as the shortcoming

every time i look out the window, she tells me something different

Posted in exploding heart, is it really real?, lost in these purposes and collecting ours, whore-to-culture on January 11, 2010 by tony saputo

on the dawn of the greyest morning
i awake, despite falling asleep less than an hour ago
an eye stares into this glass wall
knowing me, telling me of all the words and time i have lost
this is where i have been for the past two years

the darkest greyest mourning,
saluting to me, narrating all of my failures and lack of progress
a bottom falling out but never colliding
sending me on, flailing to never attach myself
keeps me knowing i will perish on my own

there is a collapse i missed out on
my dreams are not ones to share
and my hopes all prove to be the same
my own existence is my greatest affliction
a dialect of a language no one will ever even dare to mutter

in the world of selfishness
trivial identities
indecent glorification
and intolerance for those (us) who try to overcome it:::::::::::::::::::
love will surely die

i sware’ dat bit be haff ful

Posted in exploding heart, paranoia on December 24, 2009 by tony saputo

conquest for every sad fuck up i could endure
calamity stomachs the void in my kidneys and gut
fill it up with an empty drink, empty acquaintance, empty love
and store it for the jester’s revenge

speak and spill evil all over the floor
do not look behind you
congratulations  to the  all the bile stored
creating the failure of our deviants

and with the red wine to remind me
we show our hearts and laugh till we cry
for we have the similar interests of nothingness
and the same lonely holiday of empty lives and no one sharing

empty drink
empty friend
empty love
another empty day

why tony saputo can never become a theorem

Posted in exploding heart on November 10, 2009 by tony saputo

there are times i know i could be better
instances i let the logic slip
but i know
there is something
worth having
that is waiting
for me

test the formula
again and again
you know before you begin
right where you finsh
variables to me
a poet’s slur
never perfect

i truly believe we are not afraid of so much, but hold steady the fear of nothing to come…
if i prayed it would be for you… all of you

1000 pills per second

Posted in exploding heart, guilt in the serenity on November 2, 2009 by tony saputo

closest one
you varied in mescaline and tabs
clammy awake and still asleep
the world passing us all on
the windows tell us your tales
technology commands us to forget
everything and anything about whatever good could come from this

if i could see a savior in all this
you would call it a mirror
i give too much
for it to really matter anyways
the three hour waking sessions
waning the pricks of last nights arm
how far away is the end
it feels like we will never get there anyhow…