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Posted in a walk through the deep end of nothingness, does anyone even know what love is?, heartbreak, paranoia, pissed, playing with matches on December 12, 2012 by matt questionmark

Fragile pacts tatter
With shitty farts
From corrupt lard mouths
Land lording sandpaper
Huts hilling over mined land
Sinking slowly
Shafting themselves silly
These sneaky fuckers
With their educated money
And free range tb
Escaping on empty in electric
Dildos buttfucking their
Way to buy a bag of legal
Weed in fucking Colorado
Pacts tatter with no pitter
Or patter of words to you
Or yours with shitty farts
To choke on as you
Get fucked by wiggers
Under your xmas tree.



Posted in a walk through the deep end of nothingness, foreshadowing, is it really real?, paranoia on October 31, 2012 by matt questionmark

wincing from the wet lake effect snow/wind
we crawl across coke filled streets
past the drunken wrecks
past the lost fouls
adorned in burberrybossbullshit
we scavenge for lost literature
in the snow filled cracks of reality
lost paragraphs emaciating
with the lack of being looked upon
we scavenge for pizza surrounded by mexicans
adrift in this snowfilth two tabs each
alone in this static and traffic
splicing the thoughts
fucking sentences like wind eats our ears
wandering upon a movie set
and crashing the coffee stand
into hidden staircases surrounded by actors
surrounded by the sudden warmth
of college faggotry
knees capped by roller skates
sliding down dormitory hallways
raping the sleep of 73 students
and attempting to marry each one
awaking underneath a living room table
scraping the drugs away from my eyes
the words written in black before my face: this too shall pass.

where shelters fail

Posted in is it really real?, paranoia, what day is it on July 7, 2011 by matt questionmark

Where shelters fail
Your wars prevail
Rooftops and bottlecaps
Against heavy foggy dogs
Their teeth like sand in your water
Their breath watered down for pure percussion
Of the under currents
Of the slander
Of those great soft eyes
Tall drinking walker
From a place of palaces
And fear
The stones of forefathers
Reaping from the raped
But you stand by quietly
But you stand
In pigshit
In the juice of a thousand cunts
Infected by bee stings and soaring stupidity
Sick steam rises from the awful menstrual troff
Appeasing the sneezing
Slinging the the skeez
Across a gentle humid breeze

Posted in paranoia, Uncategorized, what day is it, what the hell is wrong with me? on February 16, 2010 by matt questionmark

o! damaged thought process
chaining me to slaughtered cities
impoverished by indifference
pummeled by pestilence
annoyed by aneurisms
this hilarity is too much for me to bare
this hilarity
this fucking joke of an existence
i’m just waiting for my face to be slammed into the mirror
blood and flaws
cowering in slushy STL streets
constantly surrounded by what was and what won’t
hoping no one will look
hoping no one will make eye contact
out of fear that i might have to acknowledge
the icy deafness that surrounds me
and speak.

i sware’ dat bit be haff ful

Posted in exploding heart, paranoia on December 24, 2009 by tony saputo

conquest for every sad fuck up i could endure
calamity stomachs the void in my kidneys and gut
fill it up with an empty drink, empty acquaintance, empty love
and store it for the jester’s revenge

speak and spill evil all over the floor
do not look behind you
congratulations  to the  all the bile stored
creating the failure of our deviants

and with the red wine to remind me
we show our hearts and laugh till we cry
for we have the similar interests of nothingness
and the same lonely holiday of empty lives and no one sharing

empty drink
empty friend
empty love
another empty day

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see the difference in your defense
cloaking your dagger
knives the dark toothed fear
this mortal wound!
festering a remorse!
no time like the present
giving dirt for love
boxes of scorched hair scattered along your highways
making you have a threetoothed smile
as your mouth hits pavement
this is as real as it gets
monetary notes flutter from your flatulence
pictures of jesus wearing skinny jeans
on the cover your rolling stones
his hair all echo’d by bunnymen
!these great purveyors of modern times!
witnesses cream their corn
grope their mothers
scream and fall to the floors
pissing themselves with epileptic fervor
you cover these cunts with your dirt
and say meaningless words
looking upward into the skyless stars
why do you cry when you have a cravecase to eat?
why do you cry when radiohead hasn’t broken up yet?
grope your remorse
knives in your hot piss box
making mama scream for pestilence
hip new screeching bounces in your brain
this immortal world!
lava as blood!
trees are cunts!
let them suffocate from meat farts and factory toxins!
just sit there gumming your iphone
like a giant sour gummy worm
lazarus rises from behind the couch
only to blow his brains out
five minutes later
teevee flashes before you
test patterns
indian head fades to allah
then to obama
screen goes black
the muffled weeping commences…….


Posted in heartbreak, paranoia, what the hell is wrong with me? on October 5, 2009 by tony saputo

cold metal and these taste buds meet in agreement
and the anticipation is really what kills you
i cannot wait to end this
or go back another twenty four hours
sometimes all you need is a different pair of hands to cradle your head