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remember me

Posted in playing with matches and pissin' the bed on October 6, 2012 by tony saputo

in shit we all gaze for moments
time calls and leaves as she wishes
lucidity awake appears and dis
still here

when a man has shadows for home
all you need is light
from every angle
to never be see again

remember me?
remember me.

all it takes is the beginning




a party with no make-up

Posted in experiencing sunshine on a grey day, playing with matches and pissin' the bed, Uncategorized on April 9, 2010 by matt questionmark

yer crystal eyes sleepy perpetual
summer slouch upon yer head
wheat like disasters
sifted through sand
and i want to hide
from these lazy words
uttered from a veil of lies
capturing me
knocking me down
and the wind dies
casting goodbyes upon april sidewalks
pissing on tennessee williams
and you fucking exhale
that still clusterfuck me three hours later
winding up my spine
green smoke now
reveals a party with no make-up
anxiety wakes me up
wanting to wrap my plastic around your heart
bring you back down


Posted in playing with matches and pissin' the bed on January 26, 2010 by tony saputo

corners look forward to find me
here, quiet, alone, deserted
in the past 6 hours i have said nothing
but have discussed so much

and swallow all your pride
know our differences
wishing i could wipe you all away
knowing you have beat me to it

how much sorrow does an existence deserve
because she likes to spill out her words
like the miss minded drunkard’s glass
the mess only grows more spastic

we dissolve into all these frames of our city
the still life portrait of how cool we fuckin’ are
the shallowness of a fucking pose and a flash
the slight instant that no one could give a damn of

everyday i wake up is the same i sleep to
it leaves me to dream of biting out the veins
and chewing on all the cords in between
revealing a power to not care anymore

the easiest thing about burning it down
flick the match and smile
as the hardest thing ever to complete
will be exhausting every ember i started