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So long these courted hugs Lofty in resonance They now
linger too long on the tongue Shifting in window vision Falling out
of good graces Falling And failing to recognize familiar places
Better days ahead They say…..


fit me out

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forthright, it is the callous worn around our very hearts that wear me down
the selfish calypso collapsing on the rhythm and beats of the bourgeoisie
the liquor dripping from the teeth of the fake smiles
the absorbency of a self righteous demeanor
the want of it all

laugh away your cares
dilute your Julius disasters
consume yourselves away
away from me

we are all fitting in, making plans, setting it all up
but damn it to hell, i sure like being the missing piece

insomniac luvs

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what is it called when you cannot stop from laughing???
when you see the punchline before the joke is spoken?
what is it?

i rescued a woman from the bruises of her love
shouldered the tears of a dying affection
caressed a soul of compassionate need
lived for someone besides my ownself
each and everytime the joke was on me

the bruises, filled in by her words and actions, drawn the line straight to indulgence
the shoulder so easily forgotten when new affections spring, and raindrops of whisky and vodka seam down her windows
and the soul to caress, the soul i could live for, forgot me long ago

dreamed myself as a fool for so long
not recieving the message, not placing the focus on all the right parts…
you see, the world is an evil and dirty harlot, and she wants to remind you of these dark passages from time to time…
she loves it… as the lady loves the fist. as the corridor slams volumes of acceptance, as the confusion arises….

she loves to be beaten and loves to beat back even more….

when a man tries to uncover the path of unconditional love, nevertheless the very existence of such a paramour, this earth will rise against him and threaten every inch of his being, to prove he will do what it is he needs to…

and time to time, we fail
dreaming of the better ways
hoping for the window from our inferno
kidding the world; kidding ourselves

in the mirror, i would rather be called insane -than ignorant.

foggy night greys

Posted in is it really real?, what the hell is wrong with us on January 16, 2010 by matt questionmark

sub sparrow slants
weak in this fog
hogging all the corn for the still born
mudded after snow like being
strangled in afterbirth
reaching up for some kind
of spring time
nothing is green
always grey
(is this why you pray?)
piss-poor and out the door
wishing my health was more
carefully social
but you hide your fears through
veiled threats of cloture
still-born/get born
under the mud
all deaded and rot
gut feelings face first in the mirror
15 years of living like
a bad schmuck.

r.i.p. get born


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so everything in time becomes this stale lost process
and as we try to tell ourselves how hilarious the joke is
we both realize we are part of it too.

so the laughter tries to opaque the paranoia
and we keep drinking to feel satisfied
finally the doors lock and together, we come home

as you sleep, i sneak out the back door
and catch a plane on a hot ticket and one hell of a dramatic exit
knowing when you wake up, you will soon forget me, i laugh and jump into the ocean

pissing the days away
forgetting every drop of blood and sweat that was put into me
i drown in self absorbed lust and finally hold onto the back of that beast known as freedom

what a selfish, dirty fuck
but what a selfless, hopeless dream i used to be

bitter butter burnt

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i know damn fine what i look like to them
a little too eccentric, not distant enough
confused, belligerent, assuming,
foolish, another poor hopeless romance, a sap

an old drunken fool trapped inside the underbelly of a twenty-something  scoundrel
a careless slob of little consideration
the gravity of the clumsy jester
the  loneliness of an hopeless surface combining with an illusion of the profane

all they have seen, even you, as these letters fill an illusion of time and memories
have not seen what i have
though by sight my feet is grounded firmly
i have been floating still and motionless while the world keeps spinning

i have not been able to catch up since
we lose our dreams and sell the rights
servitude has been resurrected as a fiscal hierarchy
as i sail past the cocaine and false induced smiles

there is a huge disregard for everything gorgeous, beautiful, and right
how can i not want to burn it all down?

so what’s been going on???

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underwater and balancing

so submerged in this life
all focus and sight on the surface
an hourglass of light and fluctuations
certain of suffocation
i am peeling off everything weighing me down

all in all, i am sorry i am not there for you all…
but i cannot let myself drown